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Explore our collection of articles written by engineers, for engineers. Categorized based on the “COPE” approach to accessing risk within a facility, the archives below contain essential information for the development of engineers in our field.

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About our Articles

Education and training in Property Loss Prevention are essential for the development of engineers in our field. At Risk Logic, our staff is continuously trained on the newest technology and updated standards in our field. Staying informed is essential to be successful in this competitive and ever changing industry. That’s why our engineers have shared this information in over 250 articles, written monthly since RLI began in 1997.

Our collection of articles have been sorted into categories based on the “COPE” approach to assessing risk within a facility. This includes information on the Construction of a facility, the Occupancy hazards, how well the site is Protected and what Exposures exist externally as well as from natural catastrophes such as earthquake, windstorm, hail, and flood.

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