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January 2015: FM Data Sheet 1-15, "Roof Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Panels"

The following is a synopsis of the new FM Global Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet 1-15 "Roof Mounted Solar Photovoltaic Panels." This is a new data sheet, issued in July 2014 with October 2014 revisions. This review is a follow-up adjunct to Risk Logic's article of January 2014.

The publication of FM Global's Data Sheet provides some new insight and tools which can be utilized to design and assess risk factors associated with rooftop installations of solar PV panels.

Herewith are various bullet points and commentary which are of interest within DS 1-15:

Unfortunately with this Data Sheet, FM Global fails to provide us with any illustrative loss history. However, they do furnish an excellent reference section which incidentally cites articles on two separate fires involving solar rooftop installations. Both of the cited articles can be found online as of this writing.

Risk Logic, Inc. can answer your questions regarding this Data Sheet and advise you as to how it can apply to your facility.

Reference Articles:
BP - B├╝rstadt, Germany June 21, 2009
Target - Bakersfield, CA April 5, 2009