Jul 1999

Central Omega Sprinkler Head Recall

The Central Sprinkler Company of Lansdale, PA, in cooperation with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is recalling all Omega series fire sprinklers, which were manufactured from 1982 through 1998. There are approximately 8.4 million Omega sprinklers in service. According to the CPSC, these sprinklers are defective and could likely fail in a fire.

On all models of Omega sprinklers, there is a heat collector assembly comprised of one to three flat metal discs or fins and inside of which sit a plunger and fusible link. On some Omega models, the word Central or the letters “CSC” may be visible on the deflector shield.

Building owners and homeowners who have Omega Sprinklers installed in their facilities should call (800) 896-5695 or visit the web site, www.Omegarecall.com, as soon as possible to request a Notice Packet containing a Proof of Claim and Waiver and Release Form that must be completed to receive free replacement sprinklers. In order to receive reimbursement for replacement costs, owners must submit the completed Proof of Claim and Waiver and Release Forms to Central Sprinkler by August1, 1999. Those owners filing these forms after August 1, 1999 but before November 1, 2001 still qualify to receive replacement sprinklers. Once the Notice packet is received, questions concerning the Omega sprinkler can be answered by contacting the Omega Sprinkler Customer Service Line at (800) 927-5291.

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