Sep 2001

Disaster Plan

Risk Logic and its staff wishes to offer its most sincere sympathies and condolences to the families and friends who have lost their loved ones during the horrific terrorist act that occurred on September 11, 2001.

After this past tragedy a study was conducted. It was identified that 70% of respondents had a disaster recovery plan; 71% had a business continuity plan and only 26% had a terrorist plan. Clearly we can all prepare ourselves and our companies in case of a future disaster.

Could you ever imagine walking down 105 flights of stairs under the following circumstances?

– There are no lights
– There is smoke in the stairwell
– The stairwells are crowded with people

In light of the tragedy in NY we have learned some important items that are needed at your desk in case of an evacuation or an emergency.

– Flashlight with new spare batteries
– Respirator approved for smoke conditions
– An old pair of sneakers should be stored in your desk (Especially if you wear uncomfortable shoes during work hours)
– Cellular phone

There are also areas of protection on your floor that you should be concerned about. There may be someone from your company who is responsible for these duties but you should feel comfortable with the procedure and make it your business to know the following:

– Are the fire extinguishers clearly identified and are they located within 75 ft. of your desk? Is there a tag on the extinguisher clearly identifying that it has been tested within the past 12 months?

– Are the sprinkler valves on your floor open? Is there any reason to believe that the sprinkler system will not work properly?

– Is there construction or renovations being conducted on your floor? If so, how does this affect egress, location of fire extinguishers and your working conditions?

– Have you conducted a full evacuation out to the street to a safe area away from the building? Have you conducted this on a periodic basis allowing you to feel prepared in an evacuation situation? Walking to the nearby exit is not sufficient.

If your work area has relocated a full evacuation should be conducted on the first day of your relocation. You should become familiar with your new working area.