HPR Consultants

Our engineers average over 28 years of HPR Loss Control Engineering experience and can perform comprehensive COPE and natural peril analyses at a wide range of soft and high-challenge occupancies.

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Risk Logic’s Global Reach

Risk Logic has engineers and regional offices located worldwide that service all geographic areas: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific Region, South America, Middle East.

Global Reach- Location of Engineers

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Our Specialties

Below is a list of some of the industries/occupancies that we specialize in as well as some of the specialized training and expertise that our engineers have:


Airports / Aviation Services
Boiler & Machinery
Bulk Grain Handling
Business Interruption Assessments
Casualty Loss Control
Coastal Properties
Data Centers
Dust Hazard Analysis
Electrical Equipment Hazards
Flood Analysis
Food and Meat Processing
Furniture Manufacturing
Glass Manufacturing
High Piled Storage Permits
High-Rise Buildings
Hospitals and Medical Centers

Molten Metals
Motor Vehicle Assembly
Plastics Manufacturing
Power and Utility Plants
Printing and Publishing
Pulp and Paper Manufacturing
RMS Primary & Secondary Factors
Semiconductor Manufacturing
Textile Manufacturing
Waste-Water Treatment Plants
Windstorm Analysis
Wood Working and Lumber Mills

Please see what our customers have to say about our engineers and services:


  • All employees are professionally trained in the loss control arena and are committed to serving the needs of their Clients.  Risk Logic Loss Control Engineers understand the dynamics of balancing the Insurance Carrier, the Client and the greater Risk Management process. 

    Executive VP – Northeast Property Practice Brokerage Leader
  • All Engineers understand their “space” as loss prevention engineers and can often recommend multiple avenues to solve problems and/or address concerns while openly discussing the “pros” and “cons” of each.

    Executive VP – Northeast Property Practice Brokerage Leader
  • The Value that Risk Logic brings to our company is critical to our business needs. They have been part of our Risk Management Team for over 20 years.

    Director of Risk Management Fortune 250 company
  • When I think of the most important service I need on a day to day basis it involves dealing with my engineering problems. We have worked with Risk Logic since 2003 and they have been excellent partner in handling these critical needs.

    Director of Risk Management Fortune 250 company
  • Risk Logic conducted over 200 inspections for us in 2019. All met their due date. The quality of their product was excellent. Their staff is the most experienced I have ever worked with.

    VP, E&S Insurance Manager
  • Since 2009 I have managed our Property Program. Risk Logic supplements our loss prevention inspection process on a global basis. They meet our engineering guidelines, are cost effective and have a staff that can inspect all challenging and heavy hazard risks.

    SVP, Global Property Manager
  • I will share the information with my colleagues in Risk Services and our Underwriters who may have other clients of ours inspected by Risk Logic. We appreciate the quality of the reports and thoroughness of the inspections by your Engineers.

    Risk Services Specialists