Jan 2001

GE Plastic Pallet Receives Approval

GE Plastics fire-resistant EXTREME pallet is the first and only pallet to exceed the fire performance requirements of both Factory Mutual and Underwriters Laboratories. It is the only pallet to offer the durability of plastic at a fire safety level comparable to wood. In addition, the pallet passed the UL2335 Standard and also meets the new NFPA 13 Standard. It is the only pallet available today to pass both the FM and UL protocols for commodity classification and idle pallets.

The advantage of the GE Plastics fire-resistant EXTREME pallet is that storage of the GE EXTREME plastic pallets can be adequately protected using the NFPA 13 ceiling sprinkler protection design criteria of idle wood idle pallets.

Height of Pallet Storage (ft.)
Sprinkler Density Requirements (gpm / ft2)
Area of Sprinkler Demand
High Temperature (ft2)
Area of Sprinkler Demand
Ordinary Temperature (ft2)
Up to 6
6 – 8
8 – 12
12 – 20

The alternative use of a non-approved plastic pallet will have to include the following per NFPA 13.

1. Plastic pallets shall be stored outside or in a detached structure.

2. There are very stringent guidelines for plastic pallets including a cut off room with one exterior wall.

3. The plastic pallet storage shall be separated from the remainder of the building by a 3-hour rated firewall.

4. Also the storage area shall be designed to be protected to deliver a 0.60 gpm / sq. ft.

5. 1-hour fire proofing or a sidewall sprinkler shall protect all steel columns.

6. Storage can be piled no higher than 12 ft.

Where stored without cutoffs the non-approved plastic pallets shall have to conform to the following protection guidelines per NFPA 13.

1. Plastic pallet storage shall be no higher than 4 ft.

2. Sprinkler protection shall employ high temperature heads.

3. At least 8 ft. of clear space or 25 ft. of stored commodity shall separate each pallet pile of more than two stacks from other pallet piles.