5 Alarm Bronx Supermarket Fire

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March 22nd, 2023

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On March 5th, a five-alarm fire occurred at the Concourse Food Plaza supermarket in the Bronx with over 100 first responders arriving on the scene. Unfortunately, the roof eventually collapsed as the blaze continued into the morning hours and the supermarket, as well as surrounding businesses were destroyed. According to the FDNY, a lithium-ion battery started the massive fire that ripped through the supermarket.   

lithium ion battery fire
First responders continued to fight the flames as they rapidly spread throughout the building after the roof collapsed. 
5 Alarm Bronx Supermarket Fire
Storefront prior to the fire on March 5th.

The store’s surveillance camera captured video of a battery-powered scooter exploding and going up in flames within seconds. The Fire Marshall also added that they tried to get ahead of the fire but the age of the wood-framed building was a big challenge.

The NYC Mayor addressed the city, stating the dangers of these types of batteries, especially when stored inside buildings. In 2022, New York had over 200 fires sparked by lithium-ion batteries. A method of control suggested recently entails certifying batteries prior to selling them and implementing a battery swap program to recall uncertified batteries.

lithium ion battery that caused the fire
The battery-operated scooter that started the blaze is undergoing further inspection.
smoke from lithium ion battery fire
Vast clouds of heavy smoke covered the sky, which was visible from miles away.

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