Ambulance Service and Repair Building Fire

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May 3rd, 2023

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On Saturday, April 1st a massive five-alarm fire tore through an ambulance repair and service building in Freeport, NY resulting in the complete destruction of the structure, leaving only the shell. An automatic fire alarm provided prompt notification to the fire department during the early stages of the fire. However, the fire ended up spreading from one of the vehicles, eventually causing the roof to collapse.

A photograph captured the sight of black smoke plumes rising into the air.

Image capturing the efforts of first responders as they worked to put out the flames.

Over 150 responders from 26 different fire departments collaborated to extinguish the massive blaze. Unfortunately, smoke inhalation necessitated medical treatment for a few first responders.

Image of the facility from Commercial Street prior to the fire.

The Nassau Fire Marshall’s office has confirmed that the fire originated in one of the ambulances and quickly spread to the other 19, causing damage to all 20 vehicles in the service and repair building. The fire officials suspect that the stored oxygen cylinders and acetylene tanks, which are used for repairs, contributed to the flames. As a result of the burnt chemicals, the Department of Environmental Conservation is looking into the air quality.

It does not appear that the building was provided with automatic sprinkler protection.

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