Atlanta Kitchenware Warehouse Fire

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April 5th, 2024

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On Tuesday morning, January 23rd, a massive fire occurred at a large kitchenware warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia. Over 50 firefighters fought the fierce fire, which took several hours to extinguish. At the time of the fire, employees were still working in the building. Unfortunately, one worker was trapped in the back of the building and was rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation. The employees tried getting to their co-worker, but an electric door stopped them. Rescuers had to fight the fire using the defensive method as one side of the building and the roof collapsed. A lack of power due to the fire caused surrounding businesses to close, despite fire and smoke not directly impacting other buildings. Eyewitnesses stated the fire started with small amounts of smoke and quickly erupted into large flames, consuming the building.

Atlanta Kitchenware Warehouse Fire
Fire eminates from the roof of the Atlanta kitchenware warehouse.

La Fortuna Imports sells kitchen cookware, pots, plates, vases, jugs, jars, cups, and crafts for customers’ kitchens and restaurants. They have multiple warehouses in the US, which supply their online ordering clients. Officials continue to investigate the source of the fire. It appears that the building was not protected by automatic sprinklers.

Forest Park, Clayton County, and Morrow firefighters fought the massive blaze from the outside and on top of the building.

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Picture of the back of the warehouse before the fire.