Best Western in Clarksville, Indiana Engulfed in Flames

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August 24th, 2023

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On Sunday morning, July 23rd, in Clarksville, Indiana, a Best Western hotel was consumed with heavy smoke and large flames. The fire department was able to clear the hotel of all guests and employees safely; others helped by knocking on the doors of lodgers. Additional crews from New Albany and Jeffersonville assisted in controlling the fire. The fire at the Best Western Green Tree Inn raged aggressively, extending to the attic, and encroaching upon the nearby Golden Corral restaurant. Both businesses are now closed and unsure if they can rebuild.

clarksville, indiana best western fire
Fire crew extinguishing flames at the Best Western,

The fire spread across the wood framed structure. It is unknown if automatic sprinklers were provided at the hotel. It took rescuers over five hours to put out the fire and all of its hot spots. Thankfully, everyone made it out of the building safely with no injuries. The police department and the Clarksville Fire Department are collaborating to investigate the fire’s origin and ensure no involvement of crime.

Clarksville, Indiana Best Western

The Best Western and Golden Corral Buildings prior to fire in July.

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