Cleveland Laundry Company Up In Flames

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May, 15th 2024

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On March 7th, a massive fire broke out in the early morning at a commercial laundry business in Cleveland. Over 11 neighboring fire departments brought three ladder trucks, and 55 firefighters to help extinguish the fire. The major challenge was fighting the fire near active train tracks with trains scheduled to arrive that day. Therefore, authorities immediately halted trains from entering the area. Officials fought the wall of flames from the outside, and soon after, the roof collapsed.  A former Cleveland Brown player, Joe Jurevicius, owned the laundry company, “The Clean Group.” 

Cleveland laundry company fire
Flames ripped through the building, causing the roof to collapse. 

The fire completely destroyed the building and is currently under investigation. However, the company is determined to rise from the ashes and continue serving its diverse clientele, including residents, hotels, restaurants, salons, and fitness centers.

Risk Logic can perform a property loss prevention survey for your laundry or dry cleaning business. Our engineers provide their expertise to business owners, brokers, and insurance companies to help prevent fires. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that laundry and dry-cleaning properties account for 8% of structural fires in stores and commercial properties. In 2022, these companies had direct property damage of $16 million. Please contact us to help identify possible combustibles and risks at your business. Our goal is to keep your company and employees as safe as possible.