Construction Site Fire Torches 10 Nearby Buildings

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July 11th, 2022

A fire broke out at Urban Lofts Townhomes in Las Vegas in the middle of the night on Sunday, June 19th, causing over one hundred residents to evacuate. Officials say the four-alarm fire at 200 Tower St. was the largest the city has had in 25 years. Over 50 units and 150 firefighters battled flames. 

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The Urban Lofts Townhomes previous to the fire.

Firefighters spotted the fire around 1 o’clock in the morning while returning from another call. As they approached, they found that the fire had already engulfed another building under construction in the condominium complex. The Las Vegas Fire & Rescue crew worked quickly to safely evacuate all the residents living in the closely adjacent 2,000 square foot buildings. Multiple units had completely burned down. A NV Energy power pole, which supplied areas downtown with power, caught on fire during the blaze resulting in a power outage for some residents. No injuries occurred, and the fire crews contained the fire around 6 a.m.

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Firefighters hose water into the building through a broken window.

Fire fighters worked throughout the following day to make sure that hot spots did not reignite. Officials say the fire likely started from a nearby construction site.

Fire safety during construction includes keeping combustibles away from ignition sources, providing adequate protection and detection as soon as possible, and working to ensure a prompt fire department response. Make sure to contact Risk Logic for additional details on how to protect your construction project from a damaging fire.