Contra Costa California Vacant Warehouse Fire

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June 6th, 2024

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Large flames consumed a vacant warehouse in Antioch, California, on Sunday afternoon, March 10th. The fire department responded rapidly to the two-alarm fire as black smoke filled the air. The blaze was extinguished within the hour, but rescuers remained on standby for any hotspots that could arise.

contra costa warehouse fire
The picture above shows the warehouse engulfed in flames as the Contra Costa County Fire Department fight the fire.

Crews are still investigating the cause; thankfully, no injuries were reported. Almost one year earlier, this same warehouse had a 4-alarm fire. Occupants and animals in the building remained unharmed aside from minor injuries. Both fires are most likely the cause of homelessness and people breaking in. Over the years, first responders have been called out to the warehouse several other times due to fires. Before the 2024 fire, this 300,000 sq. ft. building and 10-acre lot were for sale.

We are seeing more and more stories of abandoned warehouses going up in flames and building owners suffering considerable loss. Risk Logic has many articles on idle warehouses and abandoned buildings and how to prevent fires like this one. Here are a few articles you can read to better understand property loss prevention; please click here. Our experienced engineers can help by making recommendations and conducting a loss prevention survey. Please contact RLI for a site inspection. We can help answer any questions you may have regarding how to keep your building safe with preventive measures such as automatic sprinklers and monitored fire alarms.