Dust Collector Fire in Illinois

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March 24th, 2022

An exterior dust collector fire ignited at this approximate 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility for hydraulic and lubrication components in Huntley, IL around 9:20 PM on Thursday, March 17, 2022. The dust collector was located outside, along a precast concrete exterior wall. The local fire department responded after dispatchers received a call for smoke entering the building. The fire was extinguished using hose streams. A ventilation vehicle was brought in from a neighboring mutual aid department to remove smoke from the building.

All employees were safely evacuated and there were no injuries. The cause of the fire is

Any risk analysis conducted to determine the appropriate fire suppression and dust explosion protection systems needed on outside collectors needs to include the possibility that nonthermal (smoke and water) damage could occur inside the facility. Construction and equipment design features need to be taken into account.

In addition to proper dust collector maintenance and control of potential ignition sources, a contingency plan to address the loss of the unit should be developed. This plan should be reviewed at least annually and before any production changes occur.

Contact Risk Logic Inc. (RLI), our engineers can review fire and explosion hazards associated with dust collector installations and provide assistance in establishing contingency plans for critical pieces of production and support equipment.