Explosion at Ohio Metal Factory

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March 8th, 2023

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On February 20th, a large explosion caused significant damage at a metal alloy factory in Bedford, Ohio. It took more than 60 first responders to help put out the flames and hot spots. The three-alarm blaze created smoke visible from miles away.

Image: Thick smoke rises from metal factory explosion site.

I. Schumann & Co is a fourth-generation, family-owned company that has been in business for over 100 years. The company recycles and trades a wide variety of scraps to generate brass and bronze alloys in block or pellet forms.

Image: I. Schumann & Co. gather outside the building for a group photo (2022),

The fire and explosion destroyed most of the 130,000 ft2 metal factory. Debris was sent flying hundreds of feet into the air, damaging other local businesses and vehicles close by. The incident injured 13 employees, with one deceased.

The cause of the explosion is still unknown, but officials agree the source is most likely the building’s foundry, where molten metals are located. I. Schumann & Co. is working with OSHA and officials to investigate and search for answers to this tragic accident. The state Fire Marshall and ATF will be joining the investigation as well.

Image: Metal factory explosion and fire destroy the building, leaving only the frame and ductwork.

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