Factory Fire in North Carolina

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May 2nd, 2022

Residents in Hickory, NC woke up to a longstanding vacant building at 1655 11th Avenue NE engulfed in flames Wednesday night, April 27th. Firefighters arrived at the scene at 12:05am, and continually fought off smoldering flames and hot spots for the next seven hours. 

Although the building was absent of any businesses for years after the framing shop inside closed down, eyewitness reports that there were signs of homeless individuals living inside. Thankfully, no injuries or deaths have been reported. It is the second vacant property fire to occur this year in Hickory, NC, following a vacant factory plant which burned down in early February. 

The vacant factory’s bones are shown post fire as crews battle the final hotspots.

The factory fire was so intense that evidence may be hard to recover, and all that is left of the building now is ash, debri, and a few support beams. Fires in vacant buildings pose a serious hazard to any immediately surrounding businesses and residential homes. They are more likely to have been intentionally set and to spread beyond the building. The damage also marrs any potential of the building being given new life in the future.

Buildings can go idle or vacant for many reasons, face many threats, and should not be dismissed of protection due to being unutilized for the time being. Recommended guidelines can offer protection for idle and vacant properties. Contact Risk Logic to determine where you are at risk, or to develop additional loss prevention advice specific to your facility.