Fire at historic Oakland Hills Country Club

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February 18th, 2022

Employees in the clubhouse alerted firefighters to the smell of smoke at 9:17a on Thursday, Feb 17. Thermal imaging cameras and inspection holes were drilled in the ceiling, and flames were discovered in the attic of this 110,000 ft2 building – one of the largest wood structures in Michigan. The clubhouse had ceiling-mounted sprinklers, but they were unable to quench the fire. The building had combustible concealed spaces in the walls and floors.

The fire lost some strength as at least 7 local fire departments responded, using aerial ladders to spray the roof, which collapsed in the blaze. The firefighters attacked the fire solely from the exterior and John LeRoy, the local Fire Chief, expects his team to continue fighting the blaze into Friday as the flames were still active on two ends of the clubhouse.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, and everyone exited the historic building safely. Details have not yet been released about the cause of the fire, the total damage, and how much / what irreplaceable golf memorabilia was salvaged.

The club was recently chosen to host two U.S. Women’s Opens, in 2031 and 2042, by the USGA. It also remains on the USGA’s short list to be awarded another U.S. Open. It has hosted more than a dozen major championships since opening in 1916.

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