Fire Destroys Auto Parts and Repair Shop in Texas

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March 29th, 2023

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On March 9th, a large fire gutted an auto parts and repair shop outside San Antonio, Texas. The small business owner of 20 years lost his entire company within a few hours. Luckily, the first responders contained the fire before it could spread to the neighboring tire shop and nearby homes.

Fire fighters working on the blaze.

Local authorities believe the wind may have damaged an electrical pole that could have ignited the fire, but it is still under investigation.

Picture – Willy’s Auto Value one day after the fire.

Many automotive parts and supplies are highly combustible including ignitable liquids, aerosols and rubber tires. Automatic sprinklers can help protect against fires involving tires and other hazardous materials. Fire detection (heat and smoke alarms) systems can provide early detection/notification. These are often provided in the larger, franchise type auto supply and repair facilities but are less common in smaller shops. When these protection and detection systems are lacking, fire prevention is key.

Willy’s Auto Value (left) and Lytle Tire Shop (right) – photo before the fire.

We provide details on how to protect tire storage in the following technical article. If you would like to schedule a property loss prevention survey of your facility by one of our experienced engineers, please contact us. By taking proactive steps to help prevent fires, you can help ensure the safety of your employees and protect your business from potential damage and financial losses.