Fire in Mall

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August 4th,2022

HACKENSACK, NJ – A small fire broke out at at The Shops at Riverside, a 650,000 ft2 mall located at 390 Hackensack Avenue, Hackensack New Jersey, on Tuesday afternoon, July 12th. The fire reportedly started in the hallway between Barnes & Noble and The Cheesecake Factory where a pile of cardboard boxes sat. Officials are investigating what caused the boxes to ignite. The sprinkler system in the hallway worked as intended and quickly extinguished the fire. Thankfully no injuries were reported.

About The Shops at Riverside® - A Shopping Center in Hackensack, NJ - A  Simon Property

Upon arriving at the scene, fire fighters ventilated the remaining smoke and checked for any spread of the fire.  The Cheesecake Factory sustained minimal damage from the fire.  The sprinkler system promptly activated. As a result, both stores received minor water damage. Hackensack Health Department closed the kitchen due to the incident. Almost exactly two years prior, a trash compactor fire within the same mall led to an evacuation.

Fortunately, proper fire sprinkler systems prevented this fire from becoming a larger problem for the mall. Had it not been for these systems, the fire would have likely been able to spread quickly, posing a major risk to commercial property and civilians. This is why following proper standards, and routine checks are important. Risk Logic can help with routine checks of sprinklers in buildings, and ensure that your company is kept safe from fires like this one.