Firefighters Preventing Wildfires in New Jersey

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June 21st, 2024

On March 13th, in Manchester, New Jersey, firefighters started the process of trying to prevent dangerous uncontrolled fires. With the wildfire season starting, firefighters started controlled fires in the Ocean County area. As the season becomes drier and the weather hotter, it threatens our forests more. In recent years, more and more forest fires have become an issue. By getting ahead and setting controlled fires, they can reduce the risk and threat to the environment and residents.

A wildfire in Ocean County New Jersey 2023.

The controlled fire is typically initiated with the forest’s natural pine needles, branches, and leaves. It is effective, safe, efficient, and beneficial for our environment. It can enhance the habitats of animals and plants, reduce the population of ticks and insects, and replenish the soil with nutrients. These controlled fires mitigate threats to wildlife, residents, and assist firefighters by staying ahead of these types of fires. The controlled burn strategy significantly reduces the challenge of fighting these fires.

Aerial view of a controlled fire.

Risk Logic Inc. has a few great articles on wildfires and how to prepare; please click here or here for links to articles.  Our engineers can provide recommendations for keeping your business safe if it faces this exposure. RLI can check if your business can be exposed to wildland fires and if so, how to reduce your exposure. Please contact RLI if you are unsure or have questions.