Flooding Leads to Heavy Property Damages

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September 12th

LAS VEGAS, NV – On Thursday, July 28th, monsoonal rain poured down over multiple parts of Las Vegas, resulting in mass flash flooding across the area that began at 8:30 p.m. Over an inch of rain fell in certain areas with wind gusts of up to 71 mph. Las Vegas Fire and Rescue responded to 330 calls with at least seven people being rescued by swift water response teams. 

Floodwater pours through the walls of a casino.

The entire Las Vegas strip was flooded. Popular businesses, restaurants, and casinos suffered from the effects of the heavy rainfall. Significant water damage could be seen pouring in through the ceilings of Caesar’s Palace and Planet Hollywood casinos and the walls of the sportsbook at Circus Circus Hotel & Casino.

These facilities experienced this level of flooding due to inadequate flood prevention measures. Because Las Vegas does not typically get significant rainfall, it’s difficult to assess whether the buildings are flood proof.

Water floods down the street and into an underpass.

Moreover, city planning for storm drainage wasn’t originally built to divert large amounts of rainfall out of the city. As a result, water collects in low lying regions of the watershed. Las Vegas Airport reported 0.32 inches of rainfall, which is equal to the average amount of rainfall for the whole month of July. Other areas like the University of Las Vegas reported more than 1 inch of water. Flood Control teams will transport collected water to nearby Lake Mead, which has seen its lowest water levels since 1937. More than 16,000 people suffered power outages because of the storm.

High waters trap a car underneath a bridge

Risk Logic can help prevent damages from flooding by recommending proper flood mitigation procedures and routine inspections of flood prevention systems. More information about managing property risks at casinos can be found here, along with more general information on flood protection and flood mitigation.  Please reach out to Risk Logic so we can partner with you to protect your property!