Giant Construction Site Erupts in Aurora, CO

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Jan 26th, 2024

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A large five-alarm fire erupted at a construction site in Aurora, Colorado, on Thursday morning, December 14th. The fire department received a call just after midnight regarding a multi-family residential building under construction fully engulfed in flames, along with the construction equipment. Firefighters faced many challenges, including the cold weather and a lack of fire hydrants for hose lines. The low water flow made it difficult to maintain a steady stream. Rescuers battled the fire from both the ground and the air.

No injuries were reported, thankfully, and no families had moved into the buildings before the fire. Throughout the night, firefighters extinguished hotspots. Roads in the nearby area were shut down for several days. The cause of the fire remains under investigation. ATF stepped in to assist with the investigation. They required heavy equipment to excavate the debris and discover the potential cause of the blaze.

If you have a building under construction, contact Risk Logic to perform a site inspection to avoid a fire like this. Our engineers can inspect fire hazards and provide recommendations to prevent and control fires. Please read our article regarding fire safety during construction that provides fire and property loss prevention guidance including keeping combustibles away from ignition sources, providing proper automatic and manual fire protection, and developing a pre-fire plan to help ensure fire departments respond quickly and appropriately.