Hotel Blaze Causes Significant Property Loss

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May 2nd, 2024

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What began as a minor blaze in an abandoned structure escalated into a devastating hotel fire on February 28th in Austin, Texas. It is unclear how this boarded-up abandoned building caught fire, but due to the high winds, the fire spread to the Casulo Hotel. Over 36 units and 130 firefighters responded to the three-story blaze, which took hours to extinguish. The rescuers faced challenges of wind and burning embers reigniting other parts of the building. Rescuers had to take a defensive approach to avoid the ceiling caving in.  

Fortunately, no civilian injuries were reported, but one firefighter was rushed to the hospital. The hotel maintenance manager heroically cleared out all the guests quickly after discovering the fire. The blaze initially sparked in a smaller boarded-up structure, swiftly escalating into a four-alarm fire. The embers and gusty winds were a challenge, but firefighters stopped the fire from spreading to a nearby apartment building. Residents remained apprehensive about the thick black smoke, yet fortunately, evacuation was not deemed necessary. The cause will continue to be investigated by officials. 

Firefighters battle the blaze, pouring water on the hotel.  

Regular inspections of commercial and industrial properties and the provided fire protection systems are crucial in helping to minimize the chances of fire and property damage. Risk Logic engineers conduct property loss control surveys and provide recommendations to prevent fires similar to this one. The abandoned building in this fire may not have been the responsibility of the hotel owners, but RLI engineers are trained to identify potential hazards like this.  We encourage property owners to contact us for more information on how to keep your company and employees safe. 

The Casulo Hotel before the fire.