Iconic Lodge Destroyed by Fire in Minnesota

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March 29th, 2024

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In the early morning on February 6th, calls poured into the emergency dispatch regarding smoke from a historic building in Lutsen, Minnesota. More than eight fire departments responded to the call, but the lodge was already in flames and burning fast when they arrived. The iconic lodge burnt to the ground, leaving only the chimney behind. It does not appear that the facility had automatic sprinkler protection.

lodge destroyed in Minnesota
The picture shows it was too late to save the lodge.

Charles Axel, a Swedish immigrant, established Lutsen Lodge in 1885, making it Minnesota’s oldest resort. The manager expressed profound gratitude that no one was injured but felt deeply upset about the memories lost. The State Fire Marshal’s department is continuing its investigation into the cause of the blaze but will require some time to conclude, as it must wait until all the debris has been removed. Officials know the fire started in the lodge lobby, but that is all they have now. The owners have plans to rebuild since they have the original plans from the 1951 rebuild. The goal is to continue making memories at this beautiful facility off the shore of Lake Superior.

lodge destroyed in Minnesota
The scene as many firefighters tried putting water on the blaze.

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Picture of lodge overlooking the popular lake.