Illegal Use of Torch Causes Fire in Queens

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January 31st, 2024

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A five-alarm fire broke out in Queens, New York, on December 20th at an apartment building housing hundreds of people. The fire started around noon on 47th Avenue on the top floor of the building, quickly spreading to the roof. Many residents evacuated in a rush and could not take any belongings. The building was deemed unsafe, and no one was allowed to re-enter, not even for their pets. The Red Cross, NYC Emergency Management, and the building owner have extended their help to over 200 residents, offering assistance with shelter and food.

The fire remains under investigation but is believed to have been started by a construction worker improperly using a torch on the 6th-floor apartment. The worker tried to heat lead paint off a metal closet door frame. Several residents were injured, as well as one firefighter.

Risk Logic engineers have extensive experience reviewing construction and repair projects for buildings and recommending associated fire prevention and control measures. RLI also has a helpful article on hot work and permits, which explains that hot work is not exclusive to just welding but includes a variety of items such as thawing pipe, soldering, grinding, cutting, and brazing. 

Risk Logic can provide an on-site property loss prevention inspection at your commercial building to help prevent such an occurrence. Our experienced and trained engineers will offer guidance on how to keep your business safe. Please contact Risk Logic for a property loss prevention survey today.