Industrial Furniture Warehouse Destroyed in Massive Fire

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June 2nd, 2023

In the early morning of May 5th in Commerce, California, a major three-alarm fire consumed an industrial furniture warehouse. The fire prompted a response from more than 100 Los Angeles firefighters who tackled the fire from all sides of the facility. It took responders over 12 hours to fully extinguish the stubborn blaze, with the presence of plastic in the warehouse posing a significant challenge.

Industrial warehouse fire blows thick black smoke into the air
Picture of fire sending thick black smoke into the air, visible for over 15 miles.
firefighter works to control the industrial furniture warehouse fire
Firefighters poured water onto the flames from ladders raised outside the structure.

The flames rapidly spread throughout the expansive 100,000 ft2 building, causing the roof to collapse quickly. Examiners have not yet determined the cause and it is still under investigation. They do suspect the fire originated near the loading dock area. Fortunately, there have been no reported injuries, and the fire department was able to contain the fire within the industrial furniture warehouse without spreading to the adjacent buildings.

The industrial furnityre warehouse prior to the fire
Image of the single-story building before the fire on May 5th

Regular inspections of fire hazards and fire protection systems can mitigate risks to businesses. Risk Logic engineers possess the expertise to conduct on-site inspections and provide property loss prevention recommendations, helping to ensure the safety of your business and building. 

It’s possible that loss prevention measures could have prevented this warehouse loss. For a comprehensive site inspection, including a review of fire protection system designs, inspection testing and maintenance (ITM) programs, and impairment management procedures, contact Risk Logic. Risk Logic can also assist with pre-incident planning in collaboration with the local fire department.