Large Blaze at Illinois Food Processing Plant

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January 11th, 2024

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Thursday, November 16th, plumes of smoke filled the air due to a large blaze at an Illinois food processing plant. Over 200 first responders helped battle the three-alarm fire at Evans Food Group, where all employees and surrounding buildings had to be evacuated. The fire started around 8:30 a.m., and within 30 minutes, it spread to the adjacent buildings. Rescuers’ technique was to surround and drown the fire using multiple streams of water onto the 64,000 ft2 building.

Heavy flames and thick black smoke filled the air.

No injuries were reported. The source of the fire is still unknown. The company started in 1947 and, unfortunately, will close along with two other affected buildings. The plant produced pork pellets and branded private-label packaged pork rinds. The grease products used for production reportedly contributed to the fire.

Firefighters are fighting fire from the outside on all sides of the building.

Risk Logic can suggest ways to help provide adequate property protection at food processing plants. RLI may suggest automatic sprinklers or other automatic fire protection systems to protect against fires. Sprinklers will not only control a fire but also prevent a fire from spreading to other areas. Other suggestions may include automatic fire alarms, housekeeping procedures, and a pre-incident plan.
To help in recovery following a disaster like this significant fire, it is essential to have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place. Risk Logic can offer a BCP analysis as an additional loss prevention service for your business. Please contact us for more information regarding a property loss control survey at your facility.

Picture of Evans Food Group taken several years ago.