Massive 2-Alarm Fire Destroys Building in San Antonio, TX 

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February 24th, 2024

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An enormous two-alarm fire broke out early Wednesday morning, January 10th, at a downtown San Antonio, Texas, commercial building. Several ladder trucks and dozens of firefighters responded to the call in minutes. The fire was under control within the hour, only impacting the building and vehicles in the parking lot. Cold King, a small refrigeration business operated within the building. Regrettably, the company (established in 1986) will be unable to undertake rebuilding efforts at the present time.

Plumes of smoke continued to blanket the sky hours after the fire started.

The building had one occupant sleeping when the fire ignited. That person was able to escape the building with no injuries. Firefighters are still investigating how the fire started as it is difficult to determine due to the building collapsing and burning to the ground. 

refrigeration business fire
The picture above shows the structure completely engulfed in flames as the walls and roof collapsed.

Risk Logic can provide ways to help you protect your business or warehouse. The initial advice would involve ensuring the building has a properly designed automatic sprinkler system. Automatic sprinklers can play a crucial role in effectively containing a fire and mitigating its spread to other building sections.

Firefighters successfully extinguished the fire a few hours after receiving the dispatch call.

Please contact Risk Logic, as we can help evaluate the fire protection systems at your warehouse or business. We will provide an on-site inspection and include recommendations on how to keep your company in operation.

A picture of the Cold King building a few years prior to the fire.