Massive Fire Destroys NC Manufacturing Facility

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May 19th, 2022

Firefighters responded to a fire alarm inside a commercial building located at 303 S. Pine St., Spring Hope NC, around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 14th. JHRG Manufacturing has been around since 2012, and is a textile manufacturer that specializes in making protective fabrics, threads, and custom-crafted textiles for industrial, military and consumer applications.

Photo of JHRG Manufacturing facility fire.

The massive manufacturing facility fire led to a collapsed roof, and the building has been deemed destroyed. It took fire teams five hours to get active flames under control. Fire crews stayed to take care of hotspots until 2:45 p.m. the next day. Charred debris was still smoldering on Monday

The cause of the fire is under investigation. The building was reportedly closed for the weekend, and no one was inside.

Automatic sprinklers provide the most effective fire protection available. Properly designed, installed and maintained automatic sprinklers could have controlled or extinguished the fire in the early stages. Automatic fire alarms including heat detectors or smoke alarms can provide prompt detection of a fire and alert the local fire department, but they will not inhibit or stop fire growth like automatic sprinklers. Learn more about the difference from our article “Detection vs. Sprinkler Protection”, and contact Risk Logic to determine where you are at risk, or to obtain additional loss prevention advice specific to your facility.