Massive Fire Rips Through a Phoenix, AZ Warehouse

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December 6th, 2023

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On October 18th, a large fire broke out at a Phoenix warehouse.  Over 70 firefighters responded to the three-alarm fire on 13th Avenue and Roosevelt just after midnight.  Once on scene, they found flames and smoke billowing out of the building.  Firefighters adopted a defensive strategy from the outside of the building due to the uncertain integrity of the bowstring truss roof. The blaze was quickly upgraded from a single-alarm to a three-alarm fire.

phoenix arizona warehouse fire
Phoenix firefighters battling a fire at the warehouse.

A drug and grocery store company utilized the warehouse as a liquidation distribution center. Rescuers also found the building contained large lithium-ion batteries. This was another challenge for the first responders as these are difficult to extinguish. By 5 a.m., the fire was extinguished, but some rescuers stayed to put out the hotspots.  There were no reports of injuries.  The fire remains under investigation.

Firefighters continued to extinguish hotspots throughout the night.

Risk Logic can help warehouse and business owners to prevent and control fires. Experienced RLI engineers can make recommendations on how to store and protect hazardous items such as lithium-ion batteries, ignitable liquids, or aerosol products. RLI engineers will conduct a thorough property loss prevention survey and offer suggestions to improve the overall fire safety of your business. To help avoid an incident like this three-alarm fire, please contact Risk Logic for more information on how we can help.

36,000 ft2 warehouse building before the blaze.