Natural Gas Leak Explosion in Fort Worth, TX

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February 16th, 2024

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Rubble covered the streets after a large explosion occurred at a Fort Worth, Texas high-rise, historic hotel on the afternoon of January 8th. The blast tore through two floors of the 20-story building, injuring 21 people, one in critical condition but fortunately there were no fatalities. The hotel was not the only building damaged as is often the case during fire/explosion incidents in urban areas. Other structures surrounding the hotel were damaged, forcing evacuations.

Natural Gas Leak Explosion

The combination of the ongoing construction work and a natural gas leak might have caused the explosion. An evaluation will determine whether demolishing the building is necessary.

The Sandman Signature Fort Worth Hotel remains shut down as the explosion affected the top and lower floors. Debris could be found blocks away from the hotel. 

The explosion affected several businesses.

Risk Logic Inc. engineers perform on-site property loss prevention surveys and can help prevent a similar incident at your facility. For more information on protecting  high-rise buildings, please click here to visit our website. If you have a business that is under construction and you are concerned whether the building is safe, RLI has several articles to reference. Understanding the importance of adequate fire protection, fire alarms, fire prevention and appropriate management of ignition sources can help avoid an occurrence like this one. If you have any questions, please contact RLI directly, and an experienced engineer will be happy to review your options.