Paint Factory Explosion in Garland, Texas

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September 29th, 2023

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Early Monday morning, around 1:00 AM on August 7th, a large explosion occurred at a Sherwin-Williams paint manufacturing plant in Garland, Texas. The quick response by local firefighters led to the extinguishing of the fire within several hours. Workers from a nearby building felt the building shake from the blast, and some of its ceiling fell on the employees. Police also stated they felt the explosion one mile from the plant. 

The Sherwin-Williams plant in flames.

The manufacturing plant mainly produced paints, resins, and floor coverings for commercial and residential use. It is still unknown what caused the explosion, and the plant will remain closed as the investigation is still ongoing. One employee suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital but has since been released. Firefighting foam used to extinguish the fire unfortunately entered nearby sewers and creeks. The Environmental Protection Agency and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality performed air quality and runoff water tests. All test results showed safe levels.

Garland rescuers, seen in the picture above, extinguishing the blaze caused by the paint factory explosion.

Risk Logic Inc. can help you evaluate whether your facilities require specialized protection measures and determine the most appropriate protection plans to safeguard your business. Our engineers will evaluate the storage and use of ignitable liquids at your facility and the protection needed. If your facility has, stores, or utilizes ignitable liquids, please read our library of technical articles regarding flammable liquid storage, handling,  and recommended electrical equipment/safeguards. Overall, the most effective fire protection is automatic sprinklers. These can reduce or even extinguish fires early on to prevent the development of a large incident such as this. When it comes to protecting ignitable liquids, other fire suppressions systems may be needed or may be more effective. Converting to recently approved and listed fluorine free firefighting foams will avoid some of the environmental issues of current firefighting foams that contain P-FAS.

Please contact RLI with any questions regarding fire prevention for your company.

The manufacture plant on 701 South Shiloh Road prior to the explosion.