Pedicab Business Warehouse Fire

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December 5th, 2022

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A three-alarm fire at a warehouse housing a pedicab business in the East Village section of San Diego caused $1.55 million in damage. Around one hundred firefighters responded to the November 9th blaze on Market Street near 14th Street. Explosions of lithium-ion batteries stoked the blaze.

Firefighters found fire burning on the second story of the building and heard lithium-ion batteries inside the warehouse exploding. The fire quickly engulfed the entire building.

Firefighters asses how to control a fire within a pedicab business warehouse.

Dozens of firefighters reported to the adjacent Senior Citizen Housing Facility, temporarily evacuating 50 residents as a precaution as smoke drifted into the five-story building. A third-floor balcony on the building also caught on fire.

A county hazardous-materials team took readings because of fumes from the batteries and pedicabs that burned in the fire while San Diego police issued a “wireless emergency alert” to residents in the area, instructing them to shelter in place.

Fire engulfs a pedicab during a warehouse fire.

The exploding batteries prevented firefighters from entering the building. As the fire was extinguished, from the outside, a drone was deployed to make sure no one was trapped inside. Several fire apparatuses remained at the site for hours to ensure the smoldering warehouse did not reignite. There were also potential dangers of the building collapsing or more lithium-ion batteries exploding.

Pedicab warehouse is shown with flames escaping the roof.

The cause of the fire is undetermined.

About 40 pedicab drivers are now out of work, their bikes are heavily damaged or destroyed and the site may not be cleared for entry for some time.

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