Raging Fire at a New Jersey Mattress Warehouse

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March 8th, 2024

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An explosive 8-alarm fire tore through a warehouse in North Brunswick, New Jersey, around 4 PM on Wednesday, January 24th. New Brunswick firefighters arrived to find the entire back of the building engulfed in flames. The first responders fought the flames tirelessly for hours, requiring aid from neighboring and distant fire departments. Residents nearby were required to evacuate due to the fire growing larger each minute. Firefighters faced challenges with controlling the fire and trying to find an adequate water supply as a water main broke previously, and water was not readily available.

mattress warehouse fire
Mattresses and storage items burning up in the warehouse.

The warehouse, occupied by Dream Well, Inc., stored not only mattresses but other combustible items such as wooden construction materials, and propane tanks. The sound of the propane tanks exploding frightened bystanders and residents, who compared the noise to that of bombs. At first, the employees attempted to extinguish the fire themselves, but it became too much, and all evacuated safely just before the roof collapsed. It is unclear how the fire started, and officials will continue investigating the cause. Firefighters worked through the night to extinguish all hot spots at this mattress warehouse.

A house sits dangerously close to the inferno.

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Firefighters work throughout the night putting out hotspots.