State of Emergency Declared in Downtown LA Due to Storage Fire

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January 5th, 2024

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Early morning on November 11th, the Los Angeles Fire Department rushed to a massive fire that shut down the freeway and additional roads. The fire affected so much of the downtown area that Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency. A local storage yard was the origin of the fire and the blaze spread quickly involving the hazardous materials stored. The crew took many hours to clean up and repair the 8 acres damaged after extinguishing the fire.

state of emergency downtown LA
Picture of Freeway damages over and under the overpass.

The storage yard was located on block 1700 near 14th Street, with over 40,000 sf. The fire spread to another nearby storage facility near Elwood Street. The damage included the storage yards, part of the Freeway, a fire truck, and several residents’ vehicles that were unfortunately trapped between the two locations. 

state of emergency downtown LA
Picture of the fire extinguished by rescuers hours later. 

Thankfully, no injuries were reported at the time of the incident. The Department of Water and Powering assisted in helping rescuers by increasing the water pressure so they could reach the high flames. The fire is under investigation, but police believe the wooden pallets stored outside were what initially ignited. The Freeway will continue to be shut down and reopen when the Caltrans crew inspects the overpass and confirms it is structurally safe. 

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