Suspected Arson Forces German Tesla Plant to Shutdown

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March 15th, 2024

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On March 6th, 2024, the Tesla manufacturing plant in Grünheide (near Berlin), Germany took a significant hit when the high-voltage electrical tower went up in flames. Berlin’s fire department arrived within minutes to extinguish the fire, but the damage had already occurred by then. The grid operators evaluated the damage to the high-voltage transmission line and tower and stated there would be no power for over one week, setting back Tesla’s production. This plant opened in March 2022 and has been a target for some time as protesters opposed its construction.

Tesla Germany plant shutdown

Officals examing the high-voltage electrical tower after the fire.

The police assert that a left-wing group committed arson and left a note claiming responsibility at the factory. This gigafactory produces batteries, powertrains, and battery packs for Tesla cars and assembles the Tesla Model Y. Due to the incident, other businesses feel vulnerable to possible electric power outages in the future. They would like to see a change to the country’s grid to ensure they will have power if attacked. The IFO board has addressed their concerns, believing this is a one-time occurrence, and does not feel this will be an issue for similar protest / eco-terrorist group attacks in the future.

Tesla Germany plant shutdown
Over 1000 vehicles await power restoration to finish the assembly line.
While the Tesla Germany plant incurred no damages, production has ceased until power can be restored.

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