Vacant San Francisco Building Fire Narrowly Misses Nearby Homes

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November 2nd, 2023

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Late Wednesday, September 14th, a vacant San Francisco building, on Mission Street, rose in flames.  Over 70 firefighters and 20 rescuers’ vehicles responded to the two alarm fire.  The fire was soon under control, although it did extend to adjacent properties near 2975 Mission Street.  Fortunately, it did not spread to the residential buildings nearby, and no one was displaced.  The fire was completely extinguished and under control a little after midnight.  For safety reasons, all 12 residents in the adjacent building were evacuated until the next day.

vacant san francisco building
Firefighters battling the fire from the entrance on Mission Street.

The unoccupied commercial building is suspected of having been inadvertently ignited, possibly by the homeless community, and the fire remains subject to ongoing investigation.  Not too long ago, this building held the business of Hermanitas Disenadaras, a party crafting business.  Only one reported minor injury due to smoke inhalation.

vacant san Francisco building after fire
1 a.m. picture from Lilac Street of fire after it was extinguished.

Risk Logic can help identify potential hazards and assess the adequacy of fire prevention measures in your vacant building.  Sometimes, business owners do not consider empty buildings as potential risks, but many things can go wrong when a building is unoccupied. 

vacant San Francisco building before fire
2022 front of the building picture prior to fire.

RLI consultants can inspect and make applicable recommendations to help prevent fires at your properties.  You can read our article on vacant properties and other articles RLI published regarding fires at unoccupied properties in San Francisco. These articles can give you a better understanding of what problems are associated with vacant buildings, how to avoid fires, how to store items properly, what to look for in freezing weather, and how to eliminate ignition sources.

Contact Risk Logic to identify areas of risk and provide loss prevention recommendations tailored to your facility.