Vacant Warehouse Fire in Woodland Hills, CA

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July 18th, 2022

A massive blaze took over a vacant warehouse located at 6000 N. DeSoto Ave, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles on the evening of Sunday, July 3rd. The fire broke loose shortly after 9 p.m. and quickly escalated requiring over eighty firefighters. Smoke was visible from miles away, and satellites in space detected the heat.

Firefighters Knock Down Major Emergency Blaze in Woodland Hills – NBC Los  Angeles
The vacant warehouse is shown ablaze while fire crews stifle flames with water.

According to LAFD spokesperson Margaret Stewart, “The remaining pockets of fire are difficult to reach with exterior hose lines and due to the structural instability, crews will remain in the defensive mode”. Even after the bulk of the fire, crews remained on the scene for an extended period to reach hot spots. Fortunately, the LAFD crews were successful in preventing the blaze from spreading to other buildings. The bulk of flames were extinguished by 10:19 p.m.

Greater-alarm fire hits Woodland Hills commercial building – Daily News

The cause of the fire is still unknown while LAFD’s Arson and Counter-Terrorism section investigates. The flames destroyed most of the building’s infrastructure as the fire shot up through the roof and spread across the entire top face of the warehouse.

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Scenes from Google Earth show the size and appearance of the warehouse prior to the fire.

Fires in vacant buildings pose a threat that can be avoided by following standardized safety procedures. Statistics concerning the danger of fires in vacant buildings have resulted in informed requirements and guidelines that should be adhered to for the safety of vacant and seasonal edifices. This includes inspections of fire protections systems to check for damage or vandalism. Contact Risk Logic for a detailed property risk inspection. We can help identify potential hazards and assess the adequacy of a building’s fire prevention system that can help in preventing incidents like the Woodland Hills fire.