Warehouse for Sale Catches Fire in Williamston, NJ

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May 30th, 2024

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A large, abandoned warehouse for sale caught fire on Thursday evening, March 7th, in Williamston, NJ. The commercial building set off multiple alarms for the Gloucester County first responders. Bystanders say the sky was bright orange, and debris was flying in all directions. Sykes Lane stands in a rural area without nearby fire hydrants. Firefighters requested tankers to come in and assist. The fire burned the 93,000 sq. ft. warehouse for hours before firefighters fully extinguished it the following day. The team had to set up four ladder pipes and use assistance from a filling company down the street.

warehouse for sale catches fire
A picture of the building fully engulfed in flames, filling the sky with black smoke.

The county will complete a full investigation and hopes to learn what set off the blaze. No injuries were reported. The building had been vacant for years and was for sale. The owners are Hellenic Gyro and Pita LLC in North Jersey. Residents worry about the mystery debris that fell on their homes and property. The Environmental Protection Agency tested and cleared the debris to be safe for residents to discard, as it was only burnt foam insulation. They tested the air quality, which then returned to normal. The shell of the building eventually was torn down.

The picture above shows the 93,000 ft2 building on a 20-acre parcel.

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