Property Lite

Risk Logic can offer inspection expertise for any size commercial property through our Property Lite program. The Property Lite report is concise, cost-effective, and can be tailored to meet the needs of any customer.

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Risk Logic offers Property Lite inspections for commercial buildings such as apartment buildings, medical labs, museums, schools, office buildings, religious buildings, churches, and more. Our consulting risk engineers are able to survey any size commercial property and provide industry accepted reports. All of this is streamlined into a cost-effective, concise Property Lite inspection report.

Property Lite inspections also includes Prospect Surveys. Risk Logic can visit a new location to capture due diligence information and inspect a building prior to purchase or new policy. Property Lite and Prospect Surveys can be completed on short notice with a quick turnaround time.

Additionally, with our online RMIS report format, highly customizable reports can be tailored to highlight items that are most important for our clients. Key data elements can also be reviewed in real-time through the web portal and mobile application. Property Lite inspections provide basic COPE (Construction Occupancy Protection Exposure) report information based on account and customer needs. These services support all market segments for our insurance carriers and broker business partners.

Map of Property Lite Inspectors: