Jun 2015

Protecting Storage Areas – Viking’s New Automatic Sprinkler Head (Increased K-Factor)

The Viking Corporation has introduced the next size in Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) technology with their model VK514 sprinkler head. This pendent head has a nominal Kfactor of 28.0 (404 metric), with a 1in. NPT thread. Temperature ratings are ordinary and intermediate.

Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) has tested and Listed this sprinkler head as a Specific Application ESFR head. Protection is available for Class I, II, III, IV and, cartoned non-expanded plastic commodities in high-piled storage configurations, with the following limitations:

  • Storage is limited to 43 ft. (13.1 m) maximum with ceilings up to 48 ft. (14.6 m).
  • Aisle width is a minimum 6 ft. (1.8 m).
  • Head deflector located 6 to 14 in. (152 to 356 mm) below ceiling.
  • Spacing:
    • Lineal: 8 to 10 ft. (2.4 to 3.0 m).
    • Area: 64 to 100 sq. ft. (5.9 to 9.3 sq m).
  • Maximum roof slope of 2 in./ft. (167 mm/m, 9.5°).
  • Minimum vertical clearance from head deflector to storage of 36 in. (914 mm).
  • Wet systems only.

With the above criteria, the sprinkler system should be designed for the 12 most heads operating at a minimum end head pressure of 35 psi (2.4 bar), yielding a minimum flow of 168 gpm (628 lpm) per head.

Risk Logic Inc. can help in your choice for sprinkler technology when protecting your storage areas.