Our Customers & Testimonials

Risk Logic Inc. (RLI) is a consulting engineering company that provides Loss Prevention Services. Since 1997, we have been working in regions all over the world utilizing the most advanced and current standards.

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RLI works closely with Risk Management to provide company-wide Property Loss Prevention Services. We conduct inspections to internally benchmark facilities and for insurance carrier account review. Plan review services are offered for each expansion and renovation to ensure the insured is being provided with the correct protection and the contractor is meeting the required standards. The Real Estate department interacts with RLI on new acquisitions to ensure they meet the company’s loss prevention standard. RLI assists the legal department in evaluating leases and helps with code violations and high piled storage permits. We also work with the Safety and Health Department, as both sets of inspections have basic similarities.

Brokers and Agents

RLI provides Property Loss Prevention reports for marketing purposes. Our reports detail risk improvements that aid in the insured’s Property Insurance renewal and highlight proactive property protection that will help reduce premiums. We also conduct account review work, where our staff is experienced in reviewing insurance carrier reports. We then summarize each report into a common sense, best practice methodology that is concise and provides cost-effective solutions for the insured.

Insurance Companies

RLI can supplement the Insurance Carrier’s Loss Control Department by conducting Property Loss Prevention inspections, account review work and plan reviews. We have been providing these services for many carriers because outsourcing this service to RLI has provided them a reduced expense for staffing and travel. Our global engineering services provide a network of engineers that can meet all your needs.


  • All employees are professionally trained in the loss control arena and are committed to serving the needs of their Clients.  Risk Logic Loss Control Engineers understand the dynamics of balancing the Insurance Carrier, the Client and the greater Risk Management process. 

    Executive VP – Northeast Property Practice Brokerage Leader
  • All Engineers understand their “space” as loss prevention engineers and can often recommend multiple avenues to solve problems and/or address concerns while openly discussing the “pros” and “cons” of each.

    Executive VP – Northeast Property Practice Brokerage Leader
  • The Value that Risk Logic brings to our company is critical to our business needs. They have been part of our Risk Management Team for over 20 years.

    Director of Risk Management Fortune 250 company
  • When I think of the most important service I need on a day to day basis it involves dealing with my engineering problems. We have worked with Risk Logic since 2003 and they have been excellent partner in handling these critical needs.

    Director of Risk Management Fortune 250 company
  • Risk Logic conducted over 200 inspections this past year. All met their due date. The quality of their product was excellent. Their staff is the most experienced I have ever worked with.

    VP, E&S Insurance Manager
  • Since 2009 I have managed our Property Program. Risk Logic supplements our loss prevention inspection process on a global basis. They meet our engineering guidelines, are cost effective and have a staff that can inspect all challenging and heavy hazard risks.

    SVP, Global Property Manager
  • I will share the information with my colleagues in Risk Services and our Underwriters who may have other clients of ours inspected by Risk Logic. We appreciate the quality of the reports and thoroughness of the inspections by your Engineers.

    Risk Services Specialists