Business Interruption

Captures and analyzes critical Business Interruption data during surveys, including procurement of raw materials, process flow, interdependencies, and makeup capabilities. Risk Logic can assist in the development of Business Continuity Planning.

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Business Interruption

During any Property Loss Prevention survey, Risk Logic analyzes risks and quantifies major Business Interruption (BI) exposures. After our inspections, we look to understand your business and develop strategies to minimize BI exposures through risk improvement and process improvements/adjustments. BI calculations are based on financial information made available during the fiscal year of the review.

Property Loss Prevention recommendations are reviewed based on significant BI exposures facing the organization. Our reports help identify the risk quality and the potential mitigation methods that can be achieved, and our analysis can help with Risk Improvement efforts, Business Continuity as well as Risk Retention or Risk Transfer measures.

Risk Logic offers more thorough Business Continuity Planning (BCP) separate from the typical Property Loss Prevention survey. Risk Logic will consult with personnel from all levels of the company to assess business continuity exposures including an analysis of critical equipment and utilities, process bottlenecks, natural perils, emergency response, and the entirety of the process from procurement of raw materials to distribution of finished goods. Make-up capabilities, interdependencies across multiple locations and contingent BI exposures will be incorporated in discussions.