Impairment Management

We provide a cutting edge online and application-based impairment management program. We provide physical tags to all clients for local use, as well as an Account Engineer to follow up and oversight of major impairments.

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Impairment Management

Risk Logic provides a fire protection impairment notification system (mobile app or online) to all direct clients. This is a 24 hr./day service to handle all fire protection equipment impairments. Management of impairments is critical to reducing the severity of a loss when fire protection is out of service.

Information concerning impairments is recorded whenever sprinkler systems, pumps, special extinguishing systems or alarm systems must be taken out of service. RLI will provide impairment tags and additional information on how to access this service. The tag has a carbon copy. It must be filled out by the person responsible (not a contractor) for the impairment and kept with them as a reminder. The tag is also left at the impaired piece of equipment.

The Account Engineer, or other designated person, will notify the client of any impairment exceeding twelve (12) hours and any major impairments. A report will be provided twice per year listing all impairments, their duration, location and details about the impairment.

Risk Logic now offers a cutting-edge Client Portal utilizing the latest technology available with Microsoft Power Apps. The Risk Management Information System (RMIS) portal is built on a fully mobile platform that is accessible by PC, laptop, tablet, phone or any mobile device. Data is securely stored in Microsoft SharePoint and can even be accessed behind internal firewalls for added security. RMIS provides real time information on all surveyed locations, along with online mapping capabilities, data mining (COPE, recommendations, loss estimates, risk scoring, and NAT CAT data), as well as, interactive recommendation response and impairment management.

The impairment management functionality of RMIS can also be offered as a standalone application with real time impairment monitoring and customized alerts designed to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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