Plan Review Services

Our engineers perform comprehensive desktop and on-site reviews of new construction projects, additions, site changes and risk improvement efforts. We review for compliance with NFPA, FM Global or other specific insurance carrier standards and can turnaround plan reviews efficiently to meet project deadlines.

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Plan Review Services

RLI offers complete construction and fire protection plan review services. Plan review is an essential part of managing change. Reviews are conducted by or under the supervision of licensed Professional Engineers using NFPA, FM Global and other specific insurance carrier standards as well as client corporate standards, and appropriate consensus standards.

Involvement in the conceptual planning is always encouraged to help ensure that major aspects of risk engineering, loss control, property conservation, natural hazards protection and process safety, if applicable, have been considered.
Items typically reviewed include:

  • Construction drawings and specifications to confirm correct materials/systems are used for the occupancy and location
  • Roof coverings and materials to confirm adequate protection against wind, fire, hail and other exposures
  • Fire Protection – working drawings and hydraulic calculations, automatic sprinkler systems (non-storage and storage types, preaction, dry, deluge, foam, etc.), fire alarm systems, new water supplies (fire and booster pumps, gravity tanks, etc.), gaseous fire suppression systems, etc.
  • Fuel-fired equipment and fuel train safety devices
  • Natural Perils Exposures – flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, collapse (rain/snow), hail
  • Process changes as they relate to property loss control

Automatic Sprinkler Analysis

Risk Logic utilizes several advanced computer-based hydraulics programs to analyze adequacy of automatic sprinkler systems at visited facilities and to confirm a contractor’s designs during plan reviews.

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