Sep 2000

Viking Introduces Industry’s First Upright ESFR

The Viking Corporation, global manufacturer of fire protection systems, has introduced the industry’s first 14K Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) Upright Sprinkler, company officials announced.

Unlike pendent ESFRs, Viking’s Model A-4 ESFR Upright sprinklers may be installed above certain cross bracing and in web members, giving a warehouse an extra degree of protection, according to Dornbos, Viking’s General Manager. “This sprinkler can be installed directly onto pipes up to three inches in diameter without the use of a sprig, and has a ceiling to element distance of 13 inches”.

This means Viking’s upright ESFR isn’t hindered by structural steel members such as cross bracing and bottom chords of steel joists. There is also less chance the sprinklers will be damaged from mechanical and human activity.

In addition, depending on the product under protection, Viking’s ESFR Upright Sprinklers allow warehouse storage height – up to 25 feet under a 30 foot ceiling, and 30 feet under a 35 foot ceiling.

Viking’s Model A-4 is equipped with a fast response fusible link, a K-factor of 14.0, and a special deflector that directs water downward into the fire plume. The ¾” NPT ESFR upright sprinklers are all FM approved.

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