Jul 2019

Viking K28 ESFR Sprinkler – FM Approval

Viking’s Model VK514 ESFR Storage Sprinkler is now FM Approved to provide ceiling-only protection for storage up to 50 ft. under ceilings up to 55 ft. in height. Key sprinkler data is as follows:

  • K28.0, 404 metric
  • SIN: VK514
  • Response Type: ESFR
  • Thread size: 1 inch NPT
  • Coverage Area: 64-100 sq. ft.
  • Temperature Rating: 165°F or 205°F

The Viking VK514 K28 sprinklers are FM Approved for storage of Class 1-4 and cartoned unexpanded plastics stored up to 50 ft. under ceilings up to 55 ft. in height. For this storage and ceiling arrangement, a sprinkler design of 9 heads (3 on 3 lines) operating at a minimum end head pressure of 80 psi is specified.

Storage heights, ceiling heights, and design information for the Viking VK514 K28 sprinkler does vary between NFPA 13 and FM Global Data Sheet 8-9, as highlighted below, which can be found in the Specifications Sheet by Viking:

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