May 2020

Virtual Loss Control Surveys Conducted at No Cost for Our Clients During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has caused massive disruptions to almost every industry, and the insurance and loss control industries are no exception. Travel restrictions and quarantine policies have made it extremely challenging for carriers, brokers, and risk managers to obtain information critical to underwriting and loss prevention. Policy timelines and loss control efforts have not ceased, and it is as crucial as ever to understand and make strides to mitigate ongoing business risk during this hard market.

For the past six weeks, Risk Logic has been conducting virtual surveys at no additional cost for our existing carrier, broker, and risk management clients. We offer this service to supplement future physical surveys to provide our clients with as much loss control and underwriting detail as is possible given the current landscape. This information is required in this hard market for May and June insurance renewals.

Our engineering staff has an average of over 25 years’ experience in the industry. Thorough preplanning and review of site information is coupled with a phone call or virtual tour of a client’s facility to generate a Virtual Property Loss Prevention Report. This report is provided to our client within just a few days following the virtual survey, and as always, is of high technical quality and consistent with the conventional Risk Logic reports. 

Once allowed by local law, we will follow up the Virtual Loss Prevention survey with an onsite comprehensive survey. At that time, we can complete the full engineering consulting assessment.

Risk Logic will always support our clients where possible. We hope everyone remains safe and healthy. 

If you require a Virtual Loss Prevention survey in light of the ongoing pandemic, please reach out to Risk Logic and we will respond the same day. We can ensure a Virtual Loss Prevention survey is conducted within three days of the order.