Jul 2014

Changes to FM Global’s Commodity Classification

FM Global updated their Property Loss Prevention Data Sheet (DS) 8-1, Commodity Classification, in April. Their major changes are:

  • Eliminated the sub-classification of plastic commodities (Group A, Group B and, Group C) and regrouping them unexpanded and expanded. Plastic commodities
  • Removal of Class 4 commodities and treating/protecting them as cartoned unexpanded plastic (CUP) commodities.
  • Changing the classification of some materials:
    • As previously noted, Class 4 commodities are now CUP commodities.
    • Noncombustible commodities are now defined as materials that will not burn. Therefore items such as wooden barrel holding beer/wine and free-flowing materials that are not inert are no longer considered to be noncombustible commodities.
  • Classification of oil-based liquids is now discussed under DS 7-29, Ignitable Liquids.

To help with the changes of commodity classification, DS 8-1 now includes an expanded table of commodities and their classification and, in some cases, the differences between uncartoned and cartoned materials.

Risk Logic can provide assistance in helping to determine commodity classification using FM Global standards.