Risk Logic began business operations in 1997

Since then, we have grown into a leading consulting engineering company in the Property Loss Prevention Services field.

Our engineers have an average of 25+ years' experience. The majority have previous experience and training working as Property Loss Prevention Consultants for FM Global.

The focus of our work is using our experience and technical knowledge of FM and NFPA standards in reducing risk and exposures at large commercial and industrial properties. Our business operations are set up on a global basis and our customer base consists of Insurance Brokers, Carriers and working directly with Insureds.

Our detailed technical report is accepted by the insurance community because of its non-biased analysis and engineering detail.

Education and training in Property Loss Prevention are essential for the development of engineers in our field. If you are a customer of Risk Logic, we offer at no cost an opportunity to trail one of our Senior Property Loss Prevention Consultants. This also provides an essential training mechanism for brokers and underwriters. Additionally, for those seeking a career in this profession, this opportunity is offered to facilitate your career path. We invite you to contact us to discuss this program in further detail.

At Your Service

Brokers and Agents

RLI provides Property Loss Prevention reports for marketing purposes. Our reports detail risk improvements that aid in the insureds Property Insurance renewal and also highlight proactive property protection that will assist in reduced premiums. We also conduct account review work, where our staff is experienced at reviewing insurance carrier reports. We then summarize each report into a common sense, best practice methodology that is concise and provides cost effective solutions for the insured.

Insurance Companies

RLI can supplement the Insurance Carrier's Loss Control Department by conducting Property Loss Prevention inspections, account review work and plan reviews. We have been providing these services for carriers as outsourcing this service to RLI has provided them a reduced expense for staffing and travel. Our global engineering services provide a network of engineers that can meet your needs.

Corporations and Businesses

RLI works closely with Risk Management to provide company wide Property Loss Prevention Services. We conduct inspections to internally benchmark facilities and for insurance carrier account review. Plan review services are conducted for each expansion and renovation to ensure the insured is being provided with the correct protection and the contractor is meeting the required standard. The Real Estate department interacts with RLI on new acquisitions to ensure they meet the company's loss prevention standard. RLI works closely with the legal department in evaluating leases and to assist in code violations and high piled storage permits. We also work with the Safety and Health Department, as both sets of inspections have some basic similarities.

Property Loss Prevention Services


  • Most of the engineers at RLI have previously worked for HPR insurance companies earlier in their careers.
  • The experience and training received at these companies provides a strong knowledge base for our engineers.
  • We continue to stay apprised of new hazards, protection schemes and technological advances through our membership in the NFPA and ties to several major HPR insurance companies.
  • Our engineers have performed thousands of site inspections and plan reviews and have written a similar amount of loss prevention reports.
  • RLI offers an Impairment Notification Program to all locations contracted for HPR services.
  • Each of our engineers has specialized training to deal with highly challenging occupancies, exposures and hazards.
  • RLI believes proper instruction and training is essential for plant personnel responsible for fire protection and loss prevention. We offer several different training seminars, which can be customized for your facility or organization.

Why Unbundle?

One of the key reasons to use unbundled services is to control the empirical data. This is provided within Risk Logic's Property Loss Prevention Reports.

Unbundled Property Loss Prevention Services is an important aspect of Property Insurance. The owner of the data has a distinct advantage and the owner should always be the Insured. At Risk Logic, we provide the most comprehensive Property Loss Prevention Report in the industry at a great value to the Insured.

The reports provide critical information for the Insured and can be used in a variety of ways. The Risk Management department can provide the reports to insurance brokers for marketing purposes. Typically most insurance carriers provide recommendations only and sometimes a very brief COPE report. At Risk Logic we provide the most comprehensive report in the industry.

Our reports have been used in various departments throughout a company. They include:

  • Legal - to assist with leases and High Piled Storage Permit violations
  • Engineering - to understand hazards at a plant and to provide protection methodologies for those hazards
  • Construction - to assist with renovations or new construction
  • Real Estate - to help understand the loss prevention standards at existing and new facilities so there is a common protection standard throughout the company
  • Procurement - to get a handle on the location's needs for fire protection maintenance and testing services
  • Safety & Health - helpful during their audits and for COPE information

Besides the many advantages the report has for the Insured, there is a distinct advantage for the broker when marketing the Insured's portfolio of locations at renewal time. Data such as primary and secondary modifiers for RMS modeling programs can be helpful in better understanding the financial exposure the insured has to an Earthquake and Windstorm peril. Also, the detailed reports provide a better understanding and comfort level of the Insured's risks for the insurance carrier. This understanding can quantify so many unknowns, versus if the insurance carrier were reviewing a "Recommendation Only" report.

The cost of the inspection and report in most cases is paid by the Insured. This can be in many ways. The most common is the Insurance Carrier adding a surcharge to the Property Premium. However, this is not advantageous to the Insured since the Carrier is conducting the inspection with the Insurance Carrier's interest first. Normally, the Insurance Carrier does not share the report or provides a brief report to the Insured. Brokers may also conduct property loss prevention inspections, but their work is sometimes not accepted by the Insurance Carriers as it is viewed as biased toward the Insured.

At Risk Logic, our reports are accepted by the Insurance Carrier Community. Our staff is made up mostly of Professional Engineers. We provide prescriptive recommendations based on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and FM Global (FM) standards. We provide no bias to the Insured, Broker or Insurance Carriers as all are our customers.

Please contact Risk Logic for further questions on providing unbundled Property Loss Prevention Services.

Risk Management Information Solutions

  • Username and password protected
  • Available to connect you with custom in-house systems such as impairment handling, recommendation summary, Risk Score, Loss Expectancy, Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Search tools allowing you to find quick filters and to build Property Risk Analysis reports
  • Quickly view statistics on time service, risk scoring, recommendations and more
  • Reports can be run on-demand or scheduled to run and be delivered to your email automatically
  • Order HPR Property Loss Prevention Survey utilizing NFPA and FM Global Standard
  • Order B&M or jurisdictional inspection


Are you looking for a rewarding career in the Property Loss Prevention Services field? Risk Logic has exciting opportunities.

Required experience and qualifications:

Engineering Degree
Minimum of 5 years of experience working at FM Global

Please send a copy of your resume to jdurante@risklogic.com

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